Why is VPN Preferred over Proxy While Gaming?

Why is VPN Preferred over Proxy While Gaming?

Uses of VPN and Proxy while playing online games

It isn’t a real game unless you compete with someone. Gamers are all around the world and to connect with them through an online network, it needs an uninterrupted connection. Owing to the limitations in bandwidth, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can disconnect your connection for a while. Thus, to have lag-less gameplay, VPN or Proxy is to be installed on your computer.

A VPN or a Proxy enables us to connect to a server anywhere in the world and thus compete with the players in that region. It also helps us to have access to some kinds of games that have regional restrictions. As now your server is in the same region as the other gamer, the data transfer will be unnoticeably high and thus reduces the time lag during play. Now you can goodbye to those days when you have to wait for a few seconds to view the moves of the opponent. Not all games are released on the same date around the world. When a particular game is released in a country earlier than your region, you need not sit and wait for its release in your country. By just changing the server to that particular country, you can have complete access to the game same as the regional users.

Differences between a VPN and a Proxy

When we first hear of the incidents on Wikileaks and Snowden, our first thought would be Is anyone watching over us? If any such situation arises, then our privacy will be under threat and the only way to secure is to take the help of a virtual private network (commonly known as VPN) service or sometimes a Proxy server. For the user-friendly interface that doesn’t require any manual changes to be made by the gamer, many web proxies use a slightly different setup which is ultimately focused on the server to pass through them directly.

A Proxy server enables us to request useful resources from a different server by connecting to other network services. In simple words, it acts as an intermediate between our computers and the internet. It can only secure our web browser. While VPN can encrypt the entire connection and secures it, thus enhancing the security and privacy of the user. Generally, most web proxy services are free but can cause some serious trouble when it encounters JavaScript or Flash Content. The majority of Proxy IP addresses are well-known to many websites and hence they block them. On the contrary, a VPN can bypass restrictions and censorship. To enhance the internet experience and for unmatched security and privacy, it is clear to go with a VPN over a Proxy.

Why is VPN a better choice?

Technically speaking, a proxy server is itself a recipient. It is not possible to get a new IP every time you use the proxy. You may have to rely on the same old address and thus it is like compromising on the security as anyone who intended to attack our system can remember that old address. When we request data from a proxy server, the cache generated will be stored in our directory.

The proxy server return to the data that is stored in form of a cache from our hard disk. To put it in words, a proxy is more secure than our firewall as it prevents the hacking of our data from external clients. But, if the service providers have a good IT guy, they’ll collect a list of proxy servers and can block their access to all their internal clients. Thus it becomes hard in such situations to use a poor secure proxy. This is when the use of a VPN comes into play. It is so secure that no one can get access to it even with the permission of the user.

4 VPN Programs

  • 1. Express VPN
  • 2. VyprVPN
  • 3. IPVanish
  • 4. Free Hide IP VPN

1. Express VPN

The major problem we face while using a VPN is reduced internet speed as the computer is re-routed through a server located at a far distance. The case is completely different with Express VPN. It never compromises on the data speed and thus provides uninterrupted service to keep the person intact with the game. This can also be done through various Proxy services. It is the security of the Express VPN that makes it stand ahead of all other VPNs. It features SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security that comes up with 256-bit encryption.

So, there is no need to worry about your personal data while you’re connected through this VPN. This will very useful when you’re playing the game through a hostel or college WiFi. While it possesses all these features, even it sometimes creates trouble for the user. It is when their dedicated customer service comes into play. Whenever you’ve questions, they’ll be very quick in getting back to you either through mail or through call. You can contact them at any hour of the day regardless of the time zone. Best things come at a good price and like this. You’ve to pay $8.32 per month for their services. However, you’re free to withdraw from the pack within 30 days if it is not as expected.

2. VyprVPN

“World’s fastest Gaming VPN” – it is what they claim of themselves. It can be justified by the fact that they use their own hardware and network. It is the price of VyprVPN that makes it competitive with Express VPN. They offer all their services at a meager $3.75 per month. They also included a trial period of 3 days, before which if you’re not satisfied with their speed and security, you can get all your money back.

Their servers are all located near places very close to the main gaming servers. They re-route the traffic by “optimized for speed” network and thus it delivers a better gaming experience with lower Ping. While we know about their security feature, they have DDoS Protection. When you’re connected to this VPN, this makes your IP is hidden so that no one can target it. Their wide range of services offers you a choice of more than 20,000 IP addresses and over 700 servers from 38 countries. They provide an additional NAT Firewall that blocks unrequested traffic. The best thing about VyprVPN is that it offers zero packet loss with a minimal 17ms Ping. Keeping in view of its price and functionality, it can rather be considered as best VPN available.

3. IPVanish

It comes at a considerably high speed for the relentless gaming experience. They have more than 500 servers in almost 60 countries. With its huge network of servers all over the world, you can always find a perfect server for your gaming requirements. The thing to discuss is that they improve their serves more frequently. Thus, their connection will be most stable besides offering great speed.

This stability reflects in the uninterrupted gaming experience that will boost up your play. Accepting Bitcoin, it has both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption levels for secure connection anywhere in the world. Thus, no one can have a look at your personal data or can try to steal it while on public networks. While you own an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone, IPVanish doesn’t feature their services, though they have software for Mac. Comparatively, this IPVanish is a bit slower than the above-mentioned two VPNs. They also have a well-trained team for customer services which operates 24×7 with email and live chat. If their services are up to your requirements or not so pleasing, then you opt for their 7-day cash-back guarantee. So you have a vast week to completely analyze their features and decide on them.

4. Free Hide IP VPN

Even though there are many free VPNs available on the web, many people prefer to go with paid services. It is for their reliable speed and secure connection. Most of the free VPNs are nothing but just another slow connection with poor encryption. ‘Free Hide IP VPN’ – This is a way forward from all other free VPNs.

It is known for its very high-speed connection along with safety from identity thieves and nosy peepers. It secures your connection to that level where even your ISP has no clue about what you’re surfing. You can experience a stable connection that will enhance your gameplay as both the players will be connected through this high high-speed server.

They also have a strategy of not recording any of our logs and thus we can be sure that they cannot sell them to anyone. The majority of Tier 1 free VPN providers come with a limitation for data while using. But Free Hide IP VPN doesn’t keep any such restrictions on your data. So you can play as much time as you want and meanwhile, you can also use this to download any new games that are released in other countries. Download this app now and start using it to the core for saving lots of money and time.

After having a complete look at these fabulous VPNs, you have to decide whether to go for complete secure payware or freeware that may compromise its security.