Six Best Driver Update Software

Six Best Driver Update Software

Drivers are those software programs that maneuver the functionality of hardware devices in a computer. As research and development never stops, manufacturers keep trying to find ways to increase the efficiency of a device. After tests and trials, these findings are incorporated in the form of a driver update. Such updates are designed to increase the performance of a device by changing its functionality according to the latest research. To make sure that our computers are updated with the latest drivers either we need to check and update the drivers manually or rely on authentic software to achieve this purpose.

Once I found myself in a strange situation when I started working at a new place. They gave me a laptop; probably it was some DELL Latitude. It is perfectly connected to the Wi-Fi at the office but it used to annoy me most of the time when I tried to connect it with the Wi-Fi router at my home. The chances of getting connected with my home Wi-Fi router remained 50% and I used to try all the technical and non-technical tricks to fix this problem but the problem persisted until someone asked to check whether I have got the latest WLAN driver update or not. Eventually, I went to DELL’s official webpage and found that there was an update available for the Wi-Fi device. The process of downloading and updating the driver was swift and it fixed the connectivity problem once and for all.

From my personal experience, I learned that keeping our device drivers updated can save us from useless trouble as well as prepares our PC to tackle the latest challenges of modern computing and entertainment needs. Let’s take a look at some of the software that can help you out in managing the Diver updates for your computer.

DriverPack Solution

DriverPack solution is a free soft tool that assists in driver updates, it is easy to install by taking easy steps that don’t take much time. Easy installation is not the only advantage of this app as it works perfectly well with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

It can be considered as a portable program, just like a flash drive because you can keep it in any folder or drive and run it to get the work done.

After downloading the drivers or their updates from the internet it gives you an option to schedule the installation according to your needs. You may select to install all the updates simultaneously or choose to install some specific updates at the moment and ignore the rest for the time being.

The main advantage of the DriverPack solution is its offline versions. If you don’t have access to the internet, the offline versions will install the basic drivers like sound and LAN/WLAN drivers for you to run your computer in a better way until you get connected to the internet for updates.

The software is very user-friendly and a newbie can also get all the benefits of this utility without any trouble.


SlimDrivers is a freeware that silently runs in the background of your windows operating system to check and download the latest upgrades for your device drivers. Although the official website has not claimed its compatibility with Windows 10 the software runs perfectly fine on all the variants of Windows. The SlimDrivers shows the date of release of the latest update however it doesn’t show any further details about the upgrades before installing them.

The program downloads the driver update internally and later you have to install them manually from the list of updates. So you don’t have to browse any links and go through the hectic process of selecting the drivers from a webpage before downloading them.

It requires an internet connection to function properly because while an internet connection is not available it doesn’t show the correct results of scans and sometimes tells the wrong information that all the driver update definitions are updated. The software also provides us with the options to back up and restore the drivers if the need arises.

Free Driver Scout

Free Driver Scout is a great utility with the obvious advantage of automation over the rest of the contemporaries of its kind. As the name suggests it is also freeware. It requires only 50 MB space on your hard disk and runs well on a 1 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM.

It governs and executes all the stages of driver upgrades at its own. It will scan and search the updates, and then it will download and install them without prompting you. However, it also backs up your drivers and you have the option to restore any device upgrade to the previous definition if the upgrade doesn’t work fine for you. Although it is connected to a huge database for checking the updates, it has been reported that sometimes it is unable to find an update for some old device drivers.

There are certain situations when we upgrade our computer to the latest version of the operating system. The OS Migration tool which comes with Free Driver Scout proves useful in these situations by updating your drivers to make your devices run in compatibility with the OS upgrade. You are only required to provide the Scout with the version of OS that you intend to install and it will automatically download all the required data in advance before you start updating your operating system.


DriverIdentifier is software that can help you in collecting the website links for appropriate drivers. These links are augmented in a file that you can use on any computer with an internet connection to download the best drivers for your computer. This option can help us to keep the driver’s update data ready before we opt to refresh or upgrade an Operating System in our machine.

This freeware has an easy-to-use interface and it is also compatible with all the popular Operating Systems 32bit / 64-bit. You can also update your installed drivers by running a scan and following the scan results according to your requirements. It uses the latest algorithms for data search and always stands out among its counterparts in finding the most suitable drivers for your computer.

DriverIdentifier can be downloaded from its official website. However, it should be noted that the software requires you to create an account with them before using it to update the drivers. The software providers are legitimate organizations and it’s safe to get registered with them.

Device Doctor

Device Doctor is a very simple and light program that can assist you in keeping your device drivers updated. You can keep the program on your computer or a Flash Drive and just run it when you need to use it. In short, you are not required to install it permanently on your machine.

It searches the drivers from a huge database on the internet and refers you to websites where you can easily download your required files in the form of zipped data. You’ll have to use a Winrar or any other software like that to unzip the installed data for using it. It requires you to install the updates manually so sometimes the process gets a little hectic if you have to update drivers for a large number of devices.

It is compatible with all the running variants of the Windows operating system. There is no bandwidth restrictor involved while downloading the drivers and updates and you can harness the maximum speed of your internet connection while using Device Doctor.

Device Doctor can be downloaded from its official website for free.


If we rate the device driver updating software then DriverMax would certainly get counted among the best performers. Although its free version puts a limit and doesn’t allow more than two driver updates in a day and only allows you to download ten drivers in a month the authenticity of the drivers downloaded by DriverMax is crystal clear. With the paid version of this software your options to download the desired updates increase however you can still search the available updates with the free version and schedule your downloads according to allowed limits if you are not interested in buying the software.

Its features make it very likely for using it for driver updates. It is capable of downloading suitable drivers for unknown hardware devices. It gives you the option to create backups and restore points before installing updates so that you can roll back to previous definitions if the latest update doesn’t work well for you. It not only searches and downloads the drivers but also installs them without involving you in the process. It also ensures that the drivers are signed by the manufacturer before downloading them for you. Installation of DriverMax doesn’t ask you to install any irrelevant programs or register an account with the official website.