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Why is Flash game (Browser game) Slow and How to Fix It

Why is Flash game (Browser game) Slow and How to Fix It

Flash game is usually the best platform you can play on, especially when it comes to casual gaming. The flash game has an edge over all other alternatives and that is; it can be played on the browser, and that also means you can play the game from anywhere and on different devices. One trade-off you may have to contend with flash games is that these games are not properly optimized like other games on standalone clients. This problem can lead to a drop in speed even if you are playing games with outdated graphics. The flash itself does not come with most of these problems that cause slow down, the problems are hidden in the browser. Many browsers do have resource hogs. Regardless of the problems you are facing, there are several ways to fix slow down on flash game

#1: Lower the quality of the flash

It is quite easy to lower the quality of the flash in order to increase speed. All you have to do is to right-click on the flash platform and then hover to the “Quality” menu. And you will see a drop-down of other options. The result of this step will totally depend on the type of game you are playing, and how intense the visuals of the game are. For some games, the change will be extremely obvious and for others, the effect can be minimal. You may not have to take this step manually as there are a number of Firefox and Chrome extension add-ons that can perform the change.

#2: Choose another browser to play on

Sometimes the best option you may want to consider is to change your browser option. If you are playing on Google Chrome, for instance, you may want to consider switching to another browser. Chrome browser has some 6 different tabs and dozens of extensions that can cause a slowdown in browser gaming. If you are using the chrome browser, you may want to do some research and see which browser performs better than others when it comes to flash gaming. You may want to download different browsers and use them one after the other to test your flash games. You can go through your preferences and then strip them down. You may want to disable non-essential add-ons and options because they may slow down the speed of the game.

#3: Hardware acceleration must be disabled or enabled appropriately

The “Enable” and “Disabled” options are two settings that most flash game players don’t want to toy with. Basically, accelerating your hardware will simply force your gaming PC to optimize its hardware to perform certain functions at a faster rate through the CPU. Depending on the specifications of your PC, accelerating the performance of the hardware may help or hurt your flash gaming experience.

You may want to test the enable and disable options to check which option works best for you. You should keep in mind that, you will have to restart your gaming browser after making this change. To access the enable or disable hardware acceleration options, you can simply go to “Settings”, then right click and you will see the option as the only one on the drop-down menu. You can read more on using this option of flash game enhancement via this link;

#4: Zoom out or resize

This method may be regarded as an unconventional method but it can help when playing certain flash games. The less you see by zooming in, the more information that needs to be processed, or the speedier the gaming becomes, this will definitely result in a better performance. If you are using a web browser like Opera, for instance, you can easily zoom in and out, with the use of a “hotkey”. There are many flash games that have containers around them, hence there are restrictions in zooming in or out because their sizes have been embedded, but you may enlarge or reduce the sizes of everything else around such games.

When you zoom a game out, it should look like the image below;

When you zoom a game in, here is what it looks like;

When you zoom your game in, there will be less pressure on your computer’s CPU, and the reason is that the CPU doesn’t have to process as many visuals as it would.

#5: Un-install and re-install your Flash and Java

For most people, especially those using IOS devices to play flash games, it may be ideal to use adobe flash, though it may not be necessary for all sites many flash gaming sites will require it. You need adobe flash or Java for websites that do not have mobile alternatives, and such sites will require that you need flash to navigate through. If you are gaming on websites that do not require adobe flash or Java, it can provide a smoother experience. Google Chrome web browser makes use of flash, however, such versions are not always stable until you install the appropriate plugin- this will eventually provide speedier browsing. If you are still finding it difficult to have great performance despite installing adobe flash, you may want to uninstall entirely and then re-install the most recent and up-to-date version. When the latest version is re-install, you will not only get the updated version, but you will also get a version that has the best security features.

Just like adobe flash, Java also performs the same effect on your flash game experience. Java may not be disabled and then re-enabled as you want because the software is known to leave many components behind even after you uninstall it and such may force your system to crawl, even when you don’t need it.

#6: Eliminate Browser history cache and all other personal data from the browser

Deleting browser history is an old tip but it remains relevant to this day. Cleaning up the browser cache alone can speed up the performance of the flash gaming browser. You need to do this step if you have never performed a browser cleanup on your PC before. If you are using the Firefox browser, you can easily clean up the browser cache from the menu. From Menu, simply click on the “Windows” option or “Preferences” in Mac OS. You can then click on the “Privacy” tab, in order to clear up the cookies, and recent history.

If you are using Google Chrome, you can simply click on the “wrench” located on the toolbar, and then open the menu options. And then click on “Under the hood” where you can find the option to clear your browser data. Once this cleaning has been completed, you may want to reduce the duration between your automatic cleaning options, you may also want to choose the option of disallowing your browser from accepting third-party cookies.

#7: Change the servers of your DNS

The DNS performs the basic function of translating web addresses, as well as the URLs that you type inside the menu bar. For most people, the DNS server connects with your ISP each time you type a URL, but the problem is that DNS servers are not always the fastest especially when you compare them with free servers from Google and the OpenDNS. You can also consider third-party apps like Namebench that help you compare different DNS servers and their services, this will help you make a better choice in choosing the most suitable DNS server. With the use of a third-party app like Namebench, you will see all DNS servers that your PC has been connected to in recent times, as well as the ones that are most responsive to your location. Your ISP may be the best option you can take in enhancing your flash gaming experience, hence make a switch today.

#8: Make use of multiple browsers

If all other things have failed, you may want to consider using another web browser for your flash gaming. If you can’t delete your Firefox extensions for instance because you want to keep those add-ons, you may want to consider Google chrome for flash gaming and the reason being that add-ons on Firefox, such as flash video stutters may disturb your flash gaming. In this case, you can use your Firefox for web-based apps and then use your Google chrome for gaming, by doing this, surfing the web will not slow down your flash gaming.

In conclusion, there is no way you can try all these options and you wouldn’t see a great improvement in your flash gaming experience. There are many flash games that provide much more fun than other forms of PC gaming, you can search thousands of them online and if you are a hardcore gamer, you may want to do everything possible to enhance the performance of your hardware and browser settings to get the most from such gaming.

For more resources on how to enhance your flash gaming experience from your web browser, you can read through these links;

Three Best Windows Optimization Freeware

Three Best Windows Optimization Freeware

When it comes to performance, the ”Free Performance” is certainly of the best kind for everyone. One can easily supercharge a normal computer’s performance to a level where it can compete with (dare I say) a MAC. By optimizing the performance of your 300 dollars PC you can make it run the games like Max Payne 3 or Need for Speed like any other high-end computer.

Although a humble PC cannot be turned into an ultimate machine for gaming, the point is that proper performance adjustments can increase the efficiency of a computer to many folds. Paid software and Freeware can play a significant role in achieving that goal.

There is a huge list of software variants that claim to boost the performance of your pc for free however it has been noticed that they only work properly for a few days and then you either have to buy the full version or go down the dark and risky lane of piracy (depending upon your region) to get a crack for their license. In short, you can’t be certain of them unless you have experienced them and this is where we come in to point out the best of the bunch for you. To save you from the hassle of testing numerous software which may end up making your machine a cocktail of annoying programs; we are going to share some of that freeware that is safe and sufficient for your computing needs. Three of them are discussed below:

The Advanced SystemCare 9

This is optimization software for Windows OS which is recommended by many experts and reviewers. It is easy to use and it offers great performance gains at the lowest cost of zero dollars. The main reason for the effectiveness of this software is that it concentrates on freeing up the clogged-up registry of your computer and also gets rid of the residual and junk files which only add the dead weight for your pc to carry on its back. The Advanced SystemCare 9 refreshes the PC similarly to a cup of “Morning Coffee” refreshes us up. It wakes up the PC from a state of slumber and makes it ready to complete any task for us in the most efficient manner.

The Free version of Advance SystemCare 9 includes basic security protection, system optimization, backup and restore features, privacy protection, a Start Manager that lets you select the applications that you want to automatically load when you start the PC and deselect those which are just a nuisance. It comes with a “Speed Up” feature that removes junk files and defragments the Windows Registry at regular intervals to augment the performance of your machine.
User reviews suggest that the interface of the software is easily understandable and everyone can use it without difficulty. It is also compatible with almost all the versions of Windows OS and is easy to get on your pc by running a Setup file.

The Cleanup Process

Once you have installed the free version of SystemCare on your PC, it asks you to run a scan. The scanning process initiates at your discretion and starts compiling a log of problems that need a fix to enhance the efficiency of your computer. Advanced SystemCare 9 annihilates most of the threats that make your system slow or put it at risk. For a common user, the free version works perfectly fine however if you require software with more advanced features like Deep Windows Registry Cleaner and RAM Cleaner then you should go for the paid versions of SystemCare.

After the cleanup Process is done you will see for yourself that the performance gains make their presence known as you start to overwork your pc once again to a point of slugged-up the registry and slow performance.

Anti-Hacker 11.0

It is software that is specifically designed for a preventative approach. As the saying goes “It’s better to be safe than sorry” the people who don’t want to monitor their PC’s health on a regular basis and just intend to keep their computers clean from malware and spyware then they should opt for Anti-Hacker 11.0

The system requirements for this freeware are not very high. You are required to have Frame Network 4.0 to run it on your PC. Anti-Hacker ensures that none of your computer’s resources are being eaten up by unwanted programs running in the background.
You can use your PCs with ease and without having to worry about looking over and checking the task manager for suspicious programs such as self-installing software and other such junk which results in performance deterioration if an active anti-hacking software is guarding your PC.

The working strategy of Anti Hacker

Anti-Hacker proves its significance by beefing up your computer’s security system. Its main target is to make your computer out of the reach of any hacker. As all the processes that run in the favor of hackers eat the power of our PC but don’t do any good for us, we need to nip them in the bud. It also comes with a variety of useful features such as its ability to control the startup of your PC. You can limit the number of startup programs with the help of Anti-Hacker to shed off some load from the shoulders of your overburdened processor. It also cleans up the system while maintaining your privacy against all the hacking activities over the internet. It has got the ability to block both inbound and outbound connections which helps you to get rid of annoying ads in other software programs, resulting in faster loading of your favorite programs without any inconvenience. All these little things equate to massive performance gains along with added security and peace of mind.


CCleaner is arguably the most common and popular freeware among performance enhancement packages. It tops the list for most of the software gurus who rate the freeware according to the speed and performance which they add to a pc. It’s not only free but also easy to use with a delicately designed user interface. The program is free from annoying features and numerous user reviews in its favor suggest that it is a reliable freeware that is rare to find in something that comes free. To have so many qualities in a freeware makes a geek suspicious about it but rest assured there isn’t anything fishy about CCleaner and it’s perfect as good as it sounds. It’s also compatible with windows Vista, windows 7, windows 8, and windows 10 as well as the old variant of the lot; windows XP. (Good news for all those who are still holding on to XP).

The basic technique of CCleaner is almost the same as other such software. It augments the speed of a PC by targeting the Junk files and cleaning up the registry in the drive where windows are installed. There is a chance that you have never realized that there are a lot of processes going on in the background while an operating system runs your errands on the screen or even when it’s idle. For all these processes taking place, there are residual files left behind on the computer’s memory which pile up over the time and can cause some serious performance lags. CCleaner targets the heaps of dead files on the memory and cleans these residual files which can linger on in your registry for years. That’s why after using this freeware you get the feel as if you are using a new pc or have reinstalled the operating System.

The cleaning strategy of CCleaner

CCleaner is basically a registry cleaner but it does its job so thoroughly that it makes a night and day difference in the performance of your machine, especially if you haven’t ever done anything to clean up your registry entries before. CCleaner helps you in getting rid of those files and entries linked to such programs which you don’t use often or the ones which you had uninstalled months ago that may clog the registry with their residual junk lying around in the memory.

It is a useful tool for troubleshooting the annoying prompts by the operating system; some of which keep reminding you of a “missing file or a folder” in the form of a pop-up every other time you start the PC. CCleaner will remove registry entries of these types and formats to ease your computer: DLL files, help files COM ActiveX objects, type libraries, file extensions, applications and application paths, fonts, installers, and other such services.

In addition to all of the above features, CCleaner scrutinizes the cache, cookies and history of Web browsers to sweep those files and folders which can hinder the performance of your pc. The size of this freeware is also very humble and it only takes up to 6 MB of space on your hard drive. Its installation process is quick and easy and any newbie can also use it without asking anyone for help.