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Why is Flash game (Browser game) Slow and How to Fix It

Why is Flash game (Browser game) Slow and How to Fix It

Flash game is usually the best platform you can play on, especially when it comes to casual gaming. The flash game has an edge over all other alternatives and that is; it can be played on the browser, and that also means you can play the game from anywhere and on different devices. One trade-off you may have to contend with flash games is that these games are not properly optimized like other games on standalone clients. This problem can lead to a drop in speed even if you are playing games with outdated graphics. The flash itself does not come with most of these problems that cause slow down, the problems are hidden in the browser. Many browsers do have resource hogs. Regardless of the problems you are facing, there are several ways to fix slow down on flash game

#1: Lower the quality of the flash

It is quite easy to lower the quality of the flash in order to increase speed. All you have to do is to right-click on the flash platform and then hover to the “Quality” menu. And you will see a drop-down of other options. The result of this step will totally depend on the type of game you are playing, and how intense the visuals of the game are. For some games, the change will be extremely obvious and for others, the effect can be minimal. You may not have to take this step manually as there are a number of Firefox and Chrome extension add-ons that can perform the change.

#2: Choose another browser to play on

Sometimes the best option you may want to consider is to change your browser option. If you are playing on Google Chrome, for instance, you may want to consider switching to another browser. Chrome browser has some 6 different tabs and dozens of extensions that can cause a slowdown in browser gaming. If you are using the chrome browser, you may want to do some research and see which browser performs better than others when it comes to flash gaming. You may want to download different browsers and use them one after the other to test your flash games. You can go through your preferences and then strip them down. You may want to disable non-essential add-ons and options because they may slow down the speed of the game.

#3: Hardware acceleration must be disabled or enabled appropriately

The “Enable” and “Disabled” options are two settings that most flash game players don’t want to toy with. Basically, accelerating your hardware will simply force your gaming PC to optimize its hardware to perform certain functions at a faster rate through the CPU. Depending on the specifications of your PC, accelerating the performance of the hardware may help or hurt your flash gaming experience.

You may want to test the enable and disable options to check which option works best for you. You should keep in mind that, you will have to restart your gaming browser after making this change. To access the enable or disable hardware acceleration options, you can simply go to “Settings”, then right click and you will see the option as the only one on the drop-down menu. You can read more on using this option of flash game enhancement via this link;

#4: Zoom out or resize

This method may be regarded as an unconventional method but it can help when playing certain flash games. The less you see by zooming in, the more information that needs to be processed, or the speedier the gaming becomes, this will definitely result in a better performance. If you are using a web browser like Opera, for instance, you can easily zoom in and out, with the use of a “hotkey”. There are many flash games that have containers around them, hence there are restrictions in zooming in or out because their sizes have been embedded, but you may enlarge or reduce the sizes of everything else around such games.

When you zoom a game out, it should look like the image below;

When you zoom a game in, here is what it looks like;

When you zoom your game in, there will be less pressure on your computer’s CPU, and the reason is that the CPU doesn’t have to process as many visuals as it would.

#5: Un-install and re-install your Flash and Java

For most people, especially those using IOS devices to play flash games, it may be ideal to use adobe flash, though it may not be necessary for all sites many flash gaming sites will require it. You need adobe flash or Java for websites that do not have mobile alternatives, and such sites will require that you need flash to navigate through. If you are gaming on websites that do not require adobe flash or Java, it can provide a smoother experience. Google Chrome web browser makes use of flash, however, such versions are not always stable until you install the appropriate plugin- this will eventually provide speedier browsing. If you are still finding it difficult to have great performance despite installing adobe flash, you may want to uninstall entirely and then re-install the most recent and up-to-date version. When the latest version is re-install, you will not only get the updated version, but you will also get a version that has the best security features.

Just like adobe flash, Java also performs the same effect on your flash game experience. Java may not be disabled and then re-enabled as you want because the software is known to leave many components behind even after you uninstall it and such may force your system to crawl, even when you don’t need it.

#6: Eliminate Browser history cache and all other personal data from the browser

Deleting browser history is an old tip but it remains relevant to this day. Cleaning up the browser cache alone can speed up the performance of the flash gaming browser. You need to do this step if you have never performed a browser cleanup on your PC before. If you are using the Firefox browser, you can easily clean up the browser cache from the menu. From Menu, simply click on the “Windows” option or “Preferences” in Mac OS. You can then click on the “Privacy” tab, in order to clear up the cookies, and recent history.

If you are using Google Chrome, you can simply click on the “wrench” located on the toolbar, and then open the menu options. And then click on “Under the hood” where you can find the option to clear your browser data. Once this cleaning has been completed, you may want to reduce the duration between your automatic cleaning options, you may also want to choose the option of disallowing your browser from accepting third-party cookies.

#7: Change the servers of your DNS

The DNS performs the basic function of translating web addresses, as well as the URLs that you type inside the menu bar. For most people, the DNS server connects with your ISP each time you type a URL, but the problem is that DNS servers are not always the fastest especially when you compare them with free servers from Google and the OpenDNS. You can also consider third-party apps like Namebench that help you compare different DNS servers and their services, this will help you make a better choice in choosing the most suitable DNS server. With the use of a third-party app like Namebench, you will see all DNS servers that your PC has been connected to in recent times, as well as the ones that are most responsive to your location. Your ISP may be the best option you can take in enhancing your flash gaming experience, hence make a switch today.

#8: Make use of multiple browsers

If all other things have failed, you may want to consider using another web browser for your flash gaming. If you can’t delete your Firefox extensions for instance because you want to keep those add-ons, you may want to consider Google chrome for flash gaming and the reason being that add-ons on Firefox, such as flash video stutters may disturb your flash gaming. In this case, you can use your Firefox for web-based apps and then use your Google chrome for gaming, by doing this, surfing the web will not slow down your flash gaming.

In conclusion, there is no way you can try all these options and you wouldn’t see a great improvement in your flash gaming experience. There are many flash games that provide much more fun than other forms of PC gaming, you can search thousands of them online and if you are a hardcore gamer, you may want to do everything possible to enhance the performance of your hardware and browser settings to get the most from such gaming.

For more resources on how to enhance your flash gaming experience from your web browser, you can read through these links;

Low PC Performance and Laggy PC Games? Speed Them up and Enjoy More

Low PC Performance and Laggy PC Games? Speed Them up and Enjoy More

Despite the fact that with every passing day, we tend to come across better, more efficient, and effective technological computers, many of us still face the problem of slow performance when it comes to offline playing games such as The witcher, World of Warcraft, Machinarium, Half-life 2 and many on them. The slow performance can be due to a number of reasons. In the course of this article, we will focus on the reason and will also present their corresponding solutions.

Lack of Optimization

When you launch a game on console software, it always gets out of the way. Computer, on the other hand, is saving and using resources for a number of its performance. Unlike a console that solely dedicates its sources to the game, a PC tends to give a certain amount of sources to the game. You might think that playing a particular game in full-screen mode means that the computer is solely concentrating on it. You are wrong! Your PC’s system is still running in the background. Programs opened web pages, and downloads on your desktop are still consuming a certain amount of the computer’s resources.

In order to increase the efficiency of your system, while you are playing a game, it is imperative that you optimize your software. To do so, start with determining those particular programs that are eating away the PC’s reserves. Open Task Manager and find those applications that are consuming a large chunk of resources. Once you are able to identify them, if you are not using them, you can always forcefully stop them. All you have to do is select that particular program and then, click on the “End Task” button located at the bottom right of the window. Below we have shown you a picture of the task manager, that shows the apps that are running both in front and in the background, along with all the details regarding their resource usage.

To ensure whether your hard drive is grinding away or not you have to look at the hard drive light on your computer. If the light is flashing a lot, it means that there is an app or a couple of apps that are heavily using your hard drive, deteriorating the entire performance of the PC. Like, programs that are using networks heavily are also causing your PC to slow down while you are playing games. An example of such programs includes BitTorrent or similar file downloading programs. To ensure speed, we recommend that you close all these programs, double check in task manager and you will be able to enjoy far better performance on your PC.

Besides manually closing the apps, PC generally has inbuilt optimization programs. If you think these programs aren’t helping, you can always download a good optimization program. Below we have listed the top optimization programs of 2017.

  • Lolo System Mechanic
  • iObit Advance System Care
  • Piriform CCleaner
  • PC Decrapifier

Incorporating a Good SSD

Many gamers are using Solid State drive in order to improve their PC’s performance, but the important question here is “What exactly do they mean by Performance?” If they are having frame rate issues, then we believe that getting an SSD isn’t going to solve their problem. In this case, their key component is GPU, regardless of how spaciously SSD they buy, it is never going to make a difference. The main purpose of getting and installing a solid state drive is to reduce the loading time, which occurs because the SSD’s data transfer speed is usually over 400 MB/s. This is pretty high if you compared it to the regular HDDs, which has a speed of under 170 MB/s.

Another advantage of SSDs is that it has the ability to reduce hitching in open-world games. According to Intel’s Adam Lake, hitching is basically the brief pauses in a game when the PC is unable to pull the required assets from the HD in order to match the speed of the player. There are a number of things that you can do in general to improve the performance of your PC, starting with installing your operating system on the SSD. This will allow you to access your desktop a lot quicker when you boot your computer. In order to ensure the smooth running of your computer, we recommend that you get a spacious SSD, install your games along with your windows on it, and also get a bigger secondary HHD for general storage. Doing this will make a night and day difference, you will be amazed at how quick your system has started to respond.

This might seem a good solution, but it for sure is an expensive one. For example, a Plextor M6e SSD starts for $530 for 512GB. Also, make sure that your motherboard is upgraded before you make such a big investment in the SSD.

Upgrade your Graphic Drivers

When playing games such as Fallout 3, Warcraft I & 2, or any other high-resolution, high-speed demanding games, you need to ensure that your graphic drivers are up to date. The reason is, that they play an integral part in any game, therefore it is imperative that you have the right graphics to ensure the smooth running of your game. Graphics drivers depend upon the operating system that you are using along with the graphic card that is installed on your computer. Check the make of your graphic cards in order to check whether the company has released an updated version of their respective graphic drivers, if yes, download it. There are two main manufacturers for graphic cards first Nvidia and the second ATI. They continually update their drivers, to boost their graphic cards, just keep a check at regular intervals to ensure that you have updated graphic drivers.

Improving Frames Per Second

Updating your drivers will go this far! Your biggest gain is frames per second. If you are able to increase this rate, we can promise you that you will see a mark difference in your PC’s performance and your game will run smoothly as well. After a lot of experience, we have come to the conclusion that the best way to increase frames per second is to compromise on the graphics settings.

Usually one tends to run the game at the monitor’s native resolution. For most computers, the default resolution is 1920 x 1080, and for laptops, it is 1366 x 768. If you want to figure out the resolution of your monitor, right-click on your desktop and then click on Screen resolution. This method is applicable if you are using Windows 7, 8, and 10. If you are running an older version of windows, you need to click on “Properties”. If you lower the resolution, you are bound to get more frames per second and this means better speed in terms of performance. But we recommend that instead of lowering the resolution of your monitor, you should adjust the resolution of your game. Load your required game and look for its graphics settings.

Once located, you will be able to change the resolution along with other settings. Also, watch out for Anti-aliasing. AA might smooth out the jagged lines, but it also results in a performance penalty. We recommend that you disable AA altogether and see how your game plays if the game is running very smoothly, you can enable Anti-aliasing at the lowest and then increase it as the need arises. Doing this would allow you to find the perfect balance between performance and games.

Upgrading other Hardware

Yes SSD help, but there is other hardware as well that can boost the overall performance of your PC while you are playing your game. The software might be able to increase the system performance to a certain limit, but it is the hardware that can truly make a difference. Above we mentioned the advantages of having an SSD now we will focus on having GPU/Graphics Card along with a high-speed CPU.

Graphics Card

We are sure as a gamer you are aware of the fact that a good graphics card can make a mark difference in the performance of your game. Once the game is loaded and you have started playing it, all the 3D graphics rendering is done via the Graphics Processing Card. Other tasks such as calculating in-game physics are also performed by the graphic card. If you are interested in increasing the graphic rendering speed and you want to give yourself more room in terms of game graphics settings, you need to upgrade your graphic card. Make sure you have bought only the best and your graphics drivers are also up to date.


We know that GPU does a lot of work, but whatever is left is done by the Central Processing Unit. There are a number of games that are CPU bound, therefore having a high-performance CPU will increase their performance. If your CPU is running 100 percent while you are playing a game, and your game is still slow, you need to upgrade your CPU. Before you upgrade your CPU make sure that you have tried every best possible graphical setting.

Importance of Video Cards for Gaming

Importance of Video Cards for Gaming

Why you cannot play GTA V or DOTA 2 on all the computers? It is the performance of the Video Card that enables the computer to run these high-performance games on the computer. Graphics cards are a set of chips mounted on a board that is connected to the motherboard. Graphics cards became a huge business in the world of gamers.

They provide high visual effects to the games which make them the brain of modern games. Different games require different features which are provided by different graphic cards. It does the operation of converting video data into a visual signal for the monitor. The graphic card contains a GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) which computes thousands of numerals and sends them to the monitor. Now, let us see the various such cards available in the market.


It is the best choice for basic entry-level gaming as it consumes very low power even on high usage. In most of the games, it renders at 60 frames per second at medium graphic settings and it can provide ultra-level graphics at 30 frames per minute. It can hover up to 100 frames per second in high-performance games like OverStrike and DOTA2 providing the gamers a very rich graphical experience and involving them completely in the game. It is the best for an amateur as it is the most economic one and is available in the market for less than many other efficient graphic cards.


The power consumption of this graphic card is below 75 watts and it has an option for a 6-pin power connection. It is very compact that it can be connected to any of the computers. It has a small heatsink that cools it at a faster rate and thus improves the life of the graphic card.

You can check this Video Card at

ASUS AMD Radeon R7 250 2 GB

ASUS AMD Radeon R7 250 2 GB

It is one of the latest graphic cards released by ASUS and runs at a 25-30% faster rate than the older versions. It supports both DVI and HDMI output ports. It is the best option for gaming as it comes at 768p and 1080p with medium settings. This can also provide high-quality graphics but at a smaller 30 frames per second. However, this rate will be good for normal playing. It is provided with dust-proof equipment and has a VRAM of 2GB which makes it more suitable for the latest games like Battle Field 4 and Bioshock. It is compactable for GTAV also. This ideal for small computers will low power supply to the graphic ports as it can even run on optimized power. This is the reason why they didn’t use PCI connectors in their drive.

You can check this Video Card at



This graphic card is the best ever for Nvidia as it comes up with a capacity of 8GB. Thus, it can be of greater future use when there will be time for the usage of such high graphics. It supports all the games presently and is also capable of supporting Virtual Reality games owing to its high space. It is 3 times faster than the 980 series. It is available at a higher cost but the experience will justify the cost. It has a GPU boost of 3.0. It uses the latest technology of Pascal to meet the demands of the latest display including VR ultra-high resolution. It has display connections of HDMI 2.0 and DVI 1.0. It has a maximum digital resolution of 7680 X 4320. It has a Visual memory speed of 10GB per second. Upon continuous usage, the temperature reaches a maximum of 75 degrees. Also, the peak power draw is just 165W.

You can check this Video Card at

AMD R7 360 2GB

AMD R7 360 2GB

This is one of the reliable graphic cards that are available for under $100. It has four memory of 2GB. It supports the directX12 fully. You can see the games in the List of games with DirectX 12 support. It is designed for gaming at 768p and 1080p with graphics ranging from medium to full. The resolution of the games also will not be as good as the other options. It can able to support all the latest games with 40 frames per second. It supports games like FAR CRY 3 better than the other graphic cards and can also beat them by 5-10% faster. It can also support the Grand Theft Auto V game in a better way but when played under the complete graphics, it fails to deliver the output. So, If you can afford a little more bucks, then go for another option rather than leaving a bad experience with this.

You can check this Video Card at

XFX Radeon RX 460 2GB

XFX Radeon RX 460 2GB

It is the latest graphics card from AMD and it supports directX12. It is also Vulkan compatible. It replaces all the graphic cards from AMD and also costs less than $100. It has a decent cooling system and a single fan to make you connected to the game without any interruption. It gives a performance boost in games like HITMAN and DOOM. It has a 128-bit memory interface and comes with 2GB of memory. It supports almost all the games at a rate of 40 frames per second. The games like CSGO and OVERWATCH can be performed at 60 frames per second with no problem. To put it in words, it can be described as a power-hungry one as the battery of the laptop just dips within no time and needs a continuous power supply.

You can check this Video Card at

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

It is similar to the earlier version of 1050 from GeForce and probably the last in the 10-series. It too performs well at 40 frames per second and it performs at 67 frames per second which makes it better while playing games of higher resolution like Call of Duty and Hitman. It has a higher core clock and booster clock than the previous version of GTX 1050. It performs well even at 1080p and provides high graphic visuals. It performs well on a lot of games compared to the others. Though it costs a high price, it works as normal as the low-priced ones.

You can check this Video Card at

Sapphire Radeon R7 240 1GB GDDR5

Sapphire Radeon R7 240 1GB GDDR5

It is the most economical graphic card of AMD and also it performs well at both 720p and 768p. It is available in two versions namely the 2GB ddr3 version and the other 1GB ddr5 version. The 1GB ddr5 seems to be the best of both as it beats the former while performing at medium graphic levels. But, if you want to go for 1080p, then the 2GB version seems to be the better one. But, one must be satisfied with a later one when he is an amateur. Both of these provide output to 1X HDMI 1XDVI and 1XVGA. They operate at the 128-bit processor. It has a superior transfer speed compared to many similar types of graphic cards. For resolutions more than 1680×1050, this graphic card has to work harder and thus delivers low performance.

You can check this Video Card at

It is one of the promising graphic cards from Nvidia for under $100. It has 2GB of VRAM which makes it better while performing at 1080p and it comes with ddr5 memory. It works with DirectX 11 and performs superbly at 768p without any lags. It delivers the output to 1x HDMI and2x DVI. It performs a little bit low for 1080p while playing high-performance games like Battle Field or Grand Theft Auto V. For the price of this graphic card and its performance, it can be a better choice than choosing high-range ones. It also draws only a minimal power of 64W and hence, is a most reliable one.

You can check this Video Card at

GeForce GTX 1070

GeForce GTX 1070

It uses the latest PASCAL technology and provides 3 times faster performance. With its latest technology, it supports VR experiences. It supports all the games till now while performing at 768p and also at 1080p. It performs 40% better than the previous 9 series. It has a 2 times better frame buffer than the earlier version. It performs at 1.4 times boost clock relative. It comes with an NVIDIA GPU Boost of 3.0. It operates at 256-bit of the memory interface. On the whole, it operates at a 20% lesser rate than the competitive version of GTX 1080, but it is also 45% cheaper than it. It is the cost that makes it ahead. It also includes Ansel Screenshot Technology.

You can check this Video Card at



It is considered to be the latest Nvidia ultimate GFORCE. It too uses the latest PASCAL technology of the tenth series of GFORCE. It gives the ultimate gaming experience at both 768p and 1020p with the best graphics utility even at a higher level. Thus, it can be of greater future use when there will be time for the usage of such high graphics. It has an 11GB of frame buffer which is considered to be the highest. It has the highest features of all the graphic cards released till now. It has a 352 memory interface width which delivers the graphics at a most astonishing level for all kinds of games and even at 1080p. It has both 6pin and 8-pin supplementary connections. Upon continuous usage, the temperature reaches a maximum of 75 degrees. Also, the peak power draw is just 180W which is just 15W more than GTX1080.

Five Best Alternatives for Windows Task Manager

Five Best Alternatives for Windows Task Manager

When it comes to task management, Windows OS has got you covered with Windows Task Manager. You can get rid of stubborn and stuck programs with the help of this genie instead of waiting for them to get responsive again which may take forever. Killing a stuck program with help of Windows Task Manager also beats the old “force restart” method which rather feels like holding a pillow over your PC’s face.

It can also be useful in other ways for example many people use it to monitor and diagnose performance issues and also to keep an eye on programs to see if there is any suspicious activity or whether a certain program is eating away too many of the PCs resources which are resulting in slowing it down.

So no doubt The Windows Task Manager is a very functional tool but unfortunately also a very basic one as it gets the job done on a necessary basis. It can monitor the tasks going on on your pc but can’t provide the kind of information needed to dig up small and underlying problems. Also when modern malware gets installed on your computer it attacks to damage, disable and corrupt your windows task manager so that it can have free reign on your pc. But to compensate for this gap in the market there are many other task managers which do the job much more thoroughly and despite that, they are still available for free. They have the ability and firepower to tackle modern and ever-changing malware.

All intent and purpose are to provide you with a bit more commanding position over the tasks and processes taking place in the background of your computer. They are also a tad bit more aggressive than the Windows Task Manager. Here are some of the most popular and useful ones discussed below.

Process Explorer

Sysinternals Process Explorer is probably the most common substitute for Windows Task Manager. The main reason for its popularity is the bucket loads of information that it gives you. The detailed information is color coded and presented neatly into columns which is a blessing because there are so many details that this task manager digs out for you that only a neat and tidy format of display can make things easier to read.
You can monitor pretty much everything like CPU, GPU, memory, network, and any activity you can name with the Process Explorer.

It is easy to use, if you want to terminate a program simply right-click it and then click on kill process or press the Del key. You can also suspend/resume and restart a process.

Double click any entry in the list to get a Properties to window open which is full of information about most aspects of what the process is doing with its open threads, security details, network connections, performance activity, etc.

Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor (YAPM)

YAPM has a Microsoft Office-like interface that just looks welcoming to people who use Microsoft Office a lot. It certainly is a very capable alternative to Windows Task Manager because it not only manages your computer’s tasks but also monitors and analyzes them. It also provides you with the ability of remote monitoring and shutdown features which gives you extended control over your computer and is really cool.

For task killing YAPM offers a few advanced sets of methods that can be optionally ticked using the kill task method option in the menu. These methods prove to be useful in getting rid of stubborn or locked processes. YAPM also offers the web search option through which you can search the relevance, functionality, and dependence of a process. YAPM along with all the other functions also offers a separate hidden process viewer; which can be accessed by clicking the green shield in the quick access toolbar.

Aside from all the main functions of a task manager YAPM provides you with a few other functions such as TCP/UDP network monitoring and a control tab. You can also create services with the help of the Windows Service Creator option which allows you to make a service from a local or remote executable file.

Free Extended Task Manager

Free Extended Task Manager is, as the name suggests, pretty much the same as Windows Task Manager but it comes with a few additional features such as the ports tab which shows you the open network connections on the system through which you can see what programs are accessing the network.
You are also given a performance tab which includes a disk activity meter so that you can see what processes are reading/writing on the run time. The summary tab will give you a merged result of the performance and applications tab to help you in gauging the system activity.

Furthermore, the process tab provides you with the ability to filter out system or current user processes and each task can be frozen, resumed, or ended individually. Another feature offered by the Free Extended Task Manager is the “show locked files” option which can display a list of files that have a lock on the process.

Free Extended Task Manager with all its qualities, unfortunately, does come with a flaw and that is the lack of updates, or rather the complete absence of one since 2008 which means that it can’t run on windows 7 or above. But like always there is a simple solution to this problem and that is to run the program in compatibility mode. Simply go to the properties of the program to choose the compatibility tab and in the “Run this program in compatibility mode” tab, select the appropriate version of OS.

Process Hacker

Process Hacker is somewhat similar to Process Explorer so if you are a Process Explorer lover but due for some reason can’t run it then this is the alternative for you. Process Hacker though has similar features to Process Explorer it brings a little bit more to the table.

The process list is color coordinated and in the service tab, there is advanced information available with the ability to stop, start and restart services. The network tab also uses colors to show opened and closed connections while the disk tab can tell you exactly what tasks are writing to or reading from the hard disk drive in real-time.

There is also a window dedicated to finding out which handles or DLLs are related to any process with the intent of closing any handles locking the file. Along with the ability to stop, start or suspend any process there are also advanced options present to find more about GDI handles and even the ability to introduce a DLL into the process or reduce its memory consumption to almost nothing. The miscellaneous context sub-menu has the terminator option too which is pretty good at killing tasks that are stubborn or stuck.


If you are not a fan of all those colorful and fancy layouts that Process hacker or Process explorer provide then DTaskManager is your way to go.

It has almost the same layout as the Windows Task Manager but in terms of functionality, it can offer so much more. The ability to select and kill multiple processes with the aid of shift or Ctrl-clicking makes it robust. When it comes to task and process termination in DTaskManager it isn’t just the question of killing it but in fact how you want to kill it. You have the ability to terminate a program in four different ways.

Firstly you can just End or Quit a process but if that doesn’t work and a process proves to be stubborn then you can force quit or even force quit while bypassing the process permissions and protections.

You can also suspend the tasks to temporarily free up the CPU, in addition to that you can also use the “Trim Ram usage” command which can come in handy while multitasking, as you don’t have to compromise between running out of time or running out of memory. You can also resume the suspended tasks once your PC is out of an emergency state.

Along with all the Applications, Processes, Network and Performance tabs, DTaskManager also offers the opened TCP/IP network ports tab, and the user/Kernel module tabs give you the opportunity to view the files being run inside the kernel space.

You also have the option to auto lower all the non-system processes to idle and an undocumented auto priority function in the Tools menu is also available.
The DTaskManager although being great, as one can tell by reading the details given above, comes with a problem of its own and that is the “error 5” popup on ‘some’ systems. Despite the update patch released in 2012  the annoying popup messages problem still persists on some PCs.

Download DTaskManager

10 Signs of Computer Malware Infection and the Solutions

10 Signs of Computer Malware Infection and the Solutions

Over the last five years, the number of internet users across the globe has tripled thanks to increased internet accessibility. The increase in users and advancement in technology provides cyber criminals with unlimited opportunities to take advantage of systems to steal private data for their heinous activities. Increased dependence on the internet has also resulted in a massive growth in malware and cyber-criminal activities.

Here are ten signs of computer malware infection that you should know and five top-rated anti-malware software that you can count on to protect your computer.

Slow Operating System

Most of the malware is designed to slow down the computer operating system, the functionalism of your applications, and internet speed. If you notice a significant drop in the rate at which your computer operates when you are not using a resource-heavy program, there is a high chance that your computer is infected with malware. Other known causes of this problem that you should also check on are increased lack of enough RAM memory, lack of space in the hard drive, and a fragmented system.


Companies are keen on leveraging the lucrative online market by advertising their products using pop-ups. Unfortunately, most of them use malicious software to achieve this objective. Your computer is infected with malware if you are continuously interrupted with pop-ups especially when online. It is also important to note that most pop-ups come with other concealed malware threats such as spyware.

System Crashes

The infamous BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is one of the first signs that you will notice when your system crashes. Take this as a warning that your system is compromised and can therefore not function as expected. However, not all computer crashes are caused by malware; there could be other underlying technical issues, such as existing hardware and new software incompatibility.

Suspicious Hard Drive Activity

Malware is engineered to launch an attack on the system by initiating automated activities without arousing your attention. If you notice that your disk continues to show excessive activity even when no program is running in the background, scan your computer using robust anti-virus software to identify and get rid of the malicious software.

Unusual High Network Connectivity

High network connectivity is one of the most common signs of new-era malware infections. If you notice a high network activity when you are not connected to the internet or if there are no programs connected to online servers to upload or download data, act fast to safeguard your personal data.

Other plausible causes of high network activity include:

  • Automatic window update running in the background
  • Program or application uploading or downloading data in the background

Running Out of Hard Drive Space

It is okay to run out of hard drive space if you have been downloading and storing a large number of files lately. However, if that is not the case, your computer might be infected with malware. Cybercriminals can come up with malicious software that is engineered to fill up all the available hard drive space causing it to crash using the latest technology.

Programs that Start Automatically and Unusual System Prompts/Messages

Well, some programs are set to notify you when they run into a problem using prompts. However, if you notice an increase in these messages, you should consider scanning the entire computer for viruses. Also, if you see some programs closing and opening automatically, Windows operating system shutting down without reason, and strange windows during the booting process, there is a high chance that the computer is infected with malware.

As the sole administrator of the system, you should be able to access all the drives. If Windows informs you that you have lost your admin access to some of the drives, there could a malware trying to tamper with your files. Reinstalling the operating system can also help to resolve this problem amicably. Be sure to purchase and install an anti-virus after reinstalling the OS to prevent the problem from recurring shortly.

Browser Navigation Redirect

The first thing to note is that not all site redirects are harmful. However, you need to be vigilant if you are redirected to an unknown site. For example, a banking Trojan may redirect your browser to a scamming or fraudulent site that looks like your legit bank’s site.

Scary Warning Pop-Ups

Not every system pop-up should spring you into action. There are thousands of sites nowadays distributing illegitimate antivirus programs to unsuspecting internet users. They use sneaky techniques such as drive-by downloads to install fake programs into your computer. Once installed, you will get scary warning pop-ups that will require you to register and pay before the fake software can rectify the problem. Also, scanning your computer using a fake AV happens in seconds, since it is not checking the files for anything.

Security Solution is disabled

Your preferred anti-virus firewall should always be active whether you are offline or online. In a bid to infiltrate your system and access your personal data, some malicious software is programmed to disable the firewall thereby making it possible for hackers to access your information. Rebooting the system will not resolve this problem; you need to use anti-malware software to get rid of the malware.

The traditional antivirus programs have limited capability of removing and blocking advanced malware such as financial malware and ransomware. Consider purchasing a premium program with robust features and capabilities to secure your computer.

Let us shift gears and look at five top-rated anti-malware software that you can count on to protect your computer.

Number 1# IObit Malware Fighter Pro

IObit Malware Fighter Pro is advanced software that you can count on to get rid of malware from your computer in real-time. The interface is user-friendly and so no prior experience is required to get maximum utility from it. One of the main aspects that give it a higher cutting edge in the market is the Startup Guard which is tailored to ensure that no malicious processes start with your Windows. There is also a Browser Guard feature to protect your browser from being compromised by malicious software thereby protecting you from phishing attempts and ransomware.

Number 2# Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot Search & Destroy has cut a niche for itself by providing comprehensive protection against existing and new malware. The program is engineered to deeply scan drives and files for malware and other malicious software such as spyware. There are also advanced features that you can take advantage of such as the botnet scanner and host file modification that prevents malware from remotely sending signals and data to the source. It is also compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 95.

Number 3# SUPERAntiSpyware

SuperAntiSpyware is a robust software that you can download and use for free to check if your computer is infected with malware and spyware. The free version has relatively basic features but the premium version has numerous features that will add multiple layers of protection to your computer. For instance, it offers registry protection, and real-time scanning and has more than 50 startup diagnostics that work together to prevent malware infections from penetrating the firewall and spreading to the target files and drives. It is also important to note that it is compatible with a number of antiviruses such as Avira, Symantec, Kaspersky, and MacAfee.

Number 4# ComboFix

ComboFix is a free tool that is also efficient in getting rid of the malware. All you need to do is download it from the official website and run it to identify and get rid of the malware. It will check if Windows Recovery Console is installed, back up the registry, and then deeply scans the entire system in more than 40 different stages. After the scan, it will generate a report which is basically a list of all the detected malware.

Number 5# HijackThis

HijackThis is a reliable but complicated anti-malware that has to be used correctly; otherwise, it could wreak havoc on your computer. Every file and drive is scanned and a report is generated to show you the impact that each program has on the computer’s operating system. Unfortunately, it does not have the ability to differentiate between a legitimate or illegitimate program. The report only shows a list of processes or activities that may have being as a result of malware or spyware. Special IT skills are required to interpret the report and take the necessary action. Luckily, there are a number of resources such as online forums that you can join and request for help from experts in this niche. You can also read articles to learn how to remove any of the malware listed in the report.

Six Best Driver Update Software

Six Best Driver Update Software

Drivers are those software programs that maneuver the functionality of hardware devices in a computer. As research and development never stops, manufacturers keep trying to find ways to increase the efficiency of a device. After tests and trials, these findings are incorporated in the form of a driver update. Such updates are designed to increase the performance of a device by changing its functionality according to the latest research. To make sure that our computers are updated with the latest drivers either we need to check and update the drivers manually or rely on authentic software to achieve this purpose.

Once I found myself in a strange situation when I started working at a new place. They gave me a laptop; probably it was some DELL Latitude. It is perfectly connected to the Wi-Fi at the office but it used to annoy me most of the time when I tried to connect it with the Wi-Fi router at my home. The chances of getting connected with my home Wi-Fi router remained 50% and I used to try all the technical and non-technical tricks to fix this problem but the problem persisted until someone asked to check whether I have got the latest WLAN driver update or not. Eventually, I went to DELL’s official webpage and found that there was an update available for the Wi-Fi device. The process of downloading and updating the driver was swift and it fixed the connectivity problem once and for all.

From my personal experience, I learned that keeping our device drivers updated can save us from useless trouble as well as prepares our PC to tackle the latest challenges of modern computing and entertainment needs. Let’s take a look at some of the software that can help you out in managing the Diver updates for your computer.

DriverPack Solution

DriverPack solution is a free soft tool that assists in driver updates, it is easy to install by taking easy steps that don’t take much time. Easy installation is not the only advantage of this app as it works perfectly well with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

It can be considered as a portable program, just like a flash drive because you can keep it in any folder or drive and run it to get the work done.

After downloading the drivers or their updates from the internet it gives you an option to schedule the installation according to your needs. You may select to install all the updates simultaneously or choose to install some specific updates at the moment and ignore the rest for the time being.

The main advantage of the DriverPack solution is its offline versions. If you don’t have access to the internet, the offline versions will install the basic drivers like sound and LAN/WLAN drivers for you to run your computer in a better way until you get connected to the internet for updates.

The software is very user-friendly and a newbie can also get all the benefits of this utility without any trouble.


SlimDrivers is a freeware that silently runs in the background of your windows operating system to check and download the latest upgrades for your device drivers. Although the official website has not claimed its compatibility with Windows 10 the software runs perfectly fine on all the variants of Windows. The SlimDrivers shows the date of release of the latest update however it doesn’t show any further details about the upgrades before installing them.

The program downloads the driver update internally and later you have to install them manually from the list of updates. So you don’t have to browse any links and go through the hectic process of selecting the drivers from a webpage before downloading them.

It requires an internet connection to function properly because while an internet connection is not available it doesn’t show the correct results of scans and sometimes tells the wrong information that all the driver update definitions are updated. The software also provides us with the options to back up and restore the drivers if the need arises.

Free Driver Scout

Free Driver Scout is a great utility with the obvious advantage of automation over the rest of the contemporaries of its kind. As the name suggests it is also freeware. It requires only 50 MB space on your hard disk and runs well on a 1 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM.

It governs and executes all the stages of driver upgrades at its own. It will scan and search the updates, and then it will download and install them without prompting you. However, it also backs up your drivers and you have the option to restore any device upgrade to the previous definition if the upgrade doesn’t work fine for you. Although it is connected to a huge database for checking the updates, it has been reported that sometimes it is unable to find an update for some old device drivers.

There are certain situations when we upgrade our computer to the latest version of the operating system. The OS Migration tool which comes with Free Driver Scout proves useful in these situations by updating your drivers to make your devices run in compatibility with the OS upgrade. You are only required to provide the Scout with the version of OS that you intend to install and it will automatically download all the required data in advance before you start updating your operating system.


DriverIdentifier is software that can help you in collecting the website links for appropriate drivers. These links are augmented in a file that you can use on any computer with an internet connection to download the best drivers for your computer. This option can help us to keep the driver’s update data ready before we opt to refresh or upgrade an Operating System in our machine.

This freeware has an easy-to-use interface and it is also compatible with all the popular Operating Systems 32bit / 64-bit. You can also update your installed drivers by running a scan and following the scan results according to your requirements. It uses the latest algorithms for data search and always stands out among its counterparts in finding the most suitable drivers for your computer.

DriverIdentifier can be downloaded from its official website. However, it should be noted that the software requires you to create an account with them before using it to update the drivers. The software providers are legitimate organizations and it’s safe to get registered with them.

Device Doctor

Device Doctor is a very simple and light program that can assist you in keeping your device drivers updated. You can keep the program on your computer or a Flash Drive and just run it when you need to use it. In short, you are not required to install it permanently on your machine.

It searches the drivers from a huge database on the internet and refers you to websites where you can easily download your required files in the form of zipped data. You’ll have to use a Winrar or any other software like that to unzip the installed data for using it. It requires you to install the updates manually so sometimes the process gets a little hectic if you have to update drivers for a large number of devices.

It is compatible with all the running variants of the Windows operating system. There is no bandwidth restrictor involved while downloading the drivers and updates and you can harness the maximum speed of your internet connection while using Device Doctor.

Device Doctor can be downloaded from its official website for free.


If we rate the device driver updating software then DriverMax would certainly get counted among the best performers. Although its free version puts a limit and doesn’t allow more than two driver updates in a day and only allows you to download ten drivers in a month the authenticity of the drivers downloaded by DriverMax is crystal clear. With the paid version of this software your options to download the desired updates increase however you can still search the available updates with the free version and schedule your downloads according to allowed limits if you are not interested in buying the software.

Its features make it very likely for using it for driver updates. It is capable of downloading suitable drivers for unknown hardware devices. It gives you the option to create backups and restore points before installing updates so that you can roll back to previous definitions if the latest update doesn’t work well for you. It not only searches and downloads the drivers but also installs them without involving you in the process. It also ensures that the drivers are signed by the manufacturer before downloading them for you. Installation of DriverMax doesn’t ask you to install any irrelevant programs or register an account with the official website.