5 Hard Drive Clean-Up Programs

5 Hard Drive Clean-Up Programs

Every PC will work smoothly over a period of time and it is when it starts accumulating junk files on your hard drive, your system will run slower than ever. There are many ways to clean them, the first of them would be checking for them manually. This would be a tedious task and not all the junk will be on the top surface. They’ll be hidden deep inside the folders and some are even invisible to our explorer.

The next option would be to consult any software that makes this task easy and turns our computer back to its youth stage. Just formatting or erasing the data from the driver does not ensure that the data is completely removed. To ensure that your personal data is safely protected and your disk is free from the junk, we need to check every time and remove it manually.

Desktop Cleanup Wizard software is something that does this thing for us. Every time we run the software, it ensures that the drive is free from junk and the data is out of reach for identity theft before it is for resale in the market. Proper cleaning of memory at regular intervals is required for the PC to work better in a faster way. There is numerous software which can do this task for us. They keep the system under observation and intimate us of the unwanted junk and remove them frequently to make the PC work faster by monitoring the ram. Now, we will take a look at the best hard drive cleaning software and its specific features.

1. Advanced SystemCare Pro

The Advanced SystemCare released by IObit is another software that relieves the working of the computer by adding some additional features of its own to help the user to work safely and is modest the recent time. In addition to the basic clean-up of junk files, it also optimizes the system performance by cleaning the windows registry and auto-cleaning the ram with real-time Optimization. It boosts the system by cleaning the temporary files from time to time. It protects the system from basic security threats and has the feature of auto online privacy.

It keeps check of tracking information from its server and protects against the loss of data. It has the option to capture the intruders by scanning the faces and protecting the user by hiding the information from them. It also reduces the reboot time by monitoring the RAM, and CPU, and analyzing the monitor. It has versions suitable for Vista, iOS, and Windows with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system compatibility. It will get rid of unwanted shortcuts. If the user runs this feature and also has the ability to remove the unnecessary applications from the action center of this program. The newly launched app also makes the features available for mobile phones.

2. CCleaner by Piriform

Created by Piriform, CCleaner has become the most reliable cleaning software in real time to clean up hard drives. It is the user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to operate even for a layperson. It disposes of the junk, removes the browsing history, and deletes the cookies and saved passwords to ensure user privacy. It increases the running speed of the computer by cleaning the disk and also monitors the system for junk while the system runs and keeps us updated on the results. Thus, it makes our system work at a faster rate.

This software is available in three versions namely Open, Professional and Professional Pro with relative features corresponding to each. The feature of defragmentation which comes with the Professional version and Pro version helps the user in arranging the data in a disc. It also helps the user to get rid of duplicate and shortcut files. The data recovery feature that only comes with professional Pro is added with more additional features for the Professional users. It runs on Windows of all the latest versions and is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

3. Darik’s Boot and Nuke:

It is open-source software available for users to clean the disk securely. It is most suitable for professional use rather than personal use. It uses a floppy disk or a compact disc that cleans the hard disc when a computer is rebooted from the disk. It removes all the data at a time from the whole disc and it will be of great use when we want to get rid of a whole lot of corrupted data at a time without the idea of recovering it back again.

It can only be operated on files that are not connected with the system operation as the whole process involves the permanent removal of data from the disc or the drive. It has the unique ability to overwrite every single file on the drive that can be added with the additional features of the software. It is the most appropriate disk cleaning software when we want to dump the hard disk or Solid State Drive card without leaving any traces of old information.

It is mainly designed for professional users as it requires burning of a disc and requires booting from the disc and it would be difficult to be operated by beginners as it requires the knowledge of rebooting and formatting a disc in the boot menu. The data that is removed cannot be accessed or recovered again. So, we need to be very careful before deleting the files. Unlike other software, this DBAN does not improve the system operation as it does not clean the temporary files or the browsing history rather it cleans the hard disk at the will of the user. It is also available in both Vista/Windows operating systems. This Booting software has to be operated with utmost care and will be of effective use only when used by a person of good knowledge.

4. Wise disk cleaner

It is yet another open-source software that uses very low system resources. Thus, the working of the system will be improved by a considerable amount without using its resources. It has the feature of setting up automatic disc cleanup. Thus it acts as a virtual assistant for us in this process of clean-up. The feature of defragging and rearranging the files is added to its pro version which keeps away duplicate files and it makes the system work faster. The ability to do this defragmentation on external hard drives is the reason that makes it a better cleaning software for professional users who has to store a lot of data on external hard drives. It protects the privacy of users from prying eyes by clearing the internet history and other cache files and cookies. It can automate the cleaning process daily, weekly, or monthly based on our settings.

It can clean the junk files with just one click and there is no need to open the software every time if we want to clean the system. It too has the ability to improve the system operation by removing the unused programs from the system it can remove all the duplicate files from the system and it also deletes the unwanted shortcuts to the removed application. It is also compatible with Vista and Windows and is designed for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

5. Jet Clean

Jet clean is a free registry cleaner that can assist us when we are in a need to clean our hard drives. It is a memory cleaner that dumps junk memory and it also flushes the DNS Cache. It cleans the cache files and keeps an eye on the recycle bin, so as to clean them by making the computer work faster. It removes the junk with just one click. It backs up the system registry while cleaning the junk so that it can be recovered when required is added to its pros. It cleans the internet history and cookies from time to time to ensure user privacy. And it also cleans the shortcut files whose program files are no longer existing on your hard drive. It can also get rid of data files if the user deletes an application instead of uninstalling it.

This feature is handy in times of mishandling. It comes with a portable version that makes it useful to be operated from an external drive and the cleaning process can be executed on any file and on any system. It has the Pro version which adds more features like defragging the data and an internet optimizer that protects the user’s privacy from prey. These two features make it stand ahead of other software. It is an easy-to-use software that even beginners feel free to work upon which works on Vista/Windows and is also compactable with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Why is VPN Preferred over Proxy While Gaming?

Why is VPN Preferred over Proxy While Gaming?

Uses of VPN and Proxy while playing online games

It isn’t a real game unless you compete with someone. Gamers are all around the world and to connect with them through an online network, it needs an uninterrupted connection. Owing to the limitations in bandwidth, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can disconnect your connection for a while. Thus, to have lag-less gameplay, VPN or Proxy is to be installed on your computer.

A VPN or a Proxy enables us to connect to a server anywhere in the world and thus compete with the players in that region. It also helps us to have access to some kinds of games that have regional restrictions. As now your server is in the same region as the other gamer, the data transfer will be unnoticeably high and thus reduces the time lag during play. Now you can goodbye to those days when you have to wait for a few seconds to view the moves of the opponent. Not all games are released on the same date around the world. When a particular game is released in a country earlier than your region, you need not sit and wait for its release in your country. By just changing the server to that particular country, you can have complete access to the game same as the regional users.

Differences between a VPN and a Proxy

When we first hear of the incidents on Wikileaks and Snowden, our first thought would be Is anyone watching over us? If any such situation arises, then our privacy will be under threat and the only way to secure is to take the help of a virtual private network (commonly known as VPN) service or sometimes a Proxy server. For the user-friendly interface that doesn’t require any manual changes to be made by the gamer, many web proxies use a slightly different setup which is ultimately focused on the server to pass through them directly.

A Proxy server enables us to request useful resources from a different server by connecting to other network services. In simple words, it acts as an intermediate between our computers and the internet. It can only secure our web browser. While VPN can encrypt the entire connection and secures it, thus enhancing the security and privacy of the user. Generally, most web proxy services are free but can cause some serious trouble when it encounters JavaScript or Flash Content. The majority of Proxy IP addresses are well-known to many websites and hence they block them. On the contrary, a VPN can bypass restrictions and censorship. To enhance the internet experience and for unmatched security and privacy, it is clear to go with a VPN over a Proxy.

Why is VPN a better choice?

Technically speaking, a proxy server is itself a recipient. It is not possible to get a new IP every time you use the proxy. You may have to rely on the same old address and thus it is like compromising on the security as anyone who intended to attack our system can remember that old address. When we request data from a proxy server, the cache generated will be stored in our directory.

The proxy server return to the data that is stored in form of a cache from our hard disk. To put it in words, a proxy is more secure than our firewall as it prevents the hacking of our data from external clients. But, if the service providers have a good IT guy, they’ll collect a list of proxy servers and can block their access to all their internal clients. Thus it becomes hard in such situations to use a poor secure proxy. This is when the use of a VPN comes into play. It is so secure that no one can get access to it even with the permission of the user.

4 VPN Programs

  • 1. Express VPN
  • 2. VyprVPN
  • 3. IPVanish
  • 4. Free Hide IP VPN

1. Express VPN

The major problem we face while using a VPN is reduced internet speed as the computer is re-routed through a server located at a far distance. The case is completely different with Express VPN. It never compromises on the data speed and thus provides uninterrupted service to keep the person intact with the game. This can also be done through various Proxy services. It is the security of the Express VPN that makes it stand ahead of all other VPNs. It features SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security that comes up with 256-bit encryption.

So, there is no need to worry about your personal data while you’re connected through this VPN. This will very useful when you’re playing the game through a hostel or college WiFi. While it possesses all these features, even it sometimes creates trouble for the user. It is when their dedicated customer service comes into play. Whenever you’ve questions, they’ll be very quick in getting back to you either through mail or through call. You can contact them at any hour of the day regardless of the time zone. Best things come at a good price and like this. You’ve to pay $8.32 per month for their services. However, you’re free to withdraw from the pack within 30 days if it is not as expected.

2. VyprVPN

“World’s fastest Gaming VPN” – it is what they claim of themselves. It can be justified by the fact that they use their own hardware and network. It is the price of VyprVPN that makes it competitive with Express VPN. They offer all their services at a meager $3.75 per month. They also included a trial period of 3 days, before which if you’re not satisfied with their speed and security, you can get all your money back.

Their servers are all located near places very close to the main gaming servers. They re-route the traffic by “optimized for speed” network and thus it delivers a better gaming experience with lower Ping. While we know about their security feature, they have DDoS Protection. When you’re connected to this VPN, this makes your IP is hidden so that no one can target it. Their wide range of services offers you a choice of more than 20,000 IP addresses and over 700 servers from 38 countries. They provide an additional NAT Firewall that blocks unrequested traffic. The best thing about VyprVPN is that it offers zero packet loss with a minimal 17ms Ping. Keeping in view of its price and functionality, it can rather be considered as best VPN available.

3. IPVanish

It comes at a considerably high speed for the relentless gaming experience. They have more than 500 servers in almost 60 countries. With its huge network of servers all over the world, you can always find a perfect server for your gaming requirements. The thing to discuss is that they improve their serves more frequently. Thus, their connection will be most stable besides offering great speed.

This stability reflects in the uninterrupted gaming experience that will boost up your play. Accepting Bitcoin, it has both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption levels for secure connection anywhere in the world. Thus, no one can have a look at your personal data or can try to steal it while on public networks. While you own an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone, IPVanish doesn’t feature their services, though they have software for Mac. Comparatively, this IPVanish is a bit slower than the above-mentioned two VPNs. They also have a well-trained team for customer services which operates 24×7 with email and live chat. If their services are up to your requirements or not so pleasing, then you opt for their 7-day cash-back guarantee. So you have a vast week to completely analyze their features and decide on them.

4. Free Hide IP VPN

Even though there are many free VPNs available on the web, many people prefer to go with paid services. It is for their reliable speed and secure connection. Most of the free VPNs are nothing but just another slow connection with poor encryption. ‘Free Hide IP VPN’ – This is a way forward from all other free VPNs.

It is known for its very high-speed connection along with safety from identity thieves and nosy peepers. It secures your connection to that level where even your ISP has no clue about what you’re surfing. You can experience a stable connection that will enhance your gameplay as both the players will be connected through this high high-speed server.

They also have a strategy of not recording any of our logs and thus we can be sure that they cannot sell them to anyone. The majority of Tier 1 free VPN providers come with a limitation for data while using. But Free Hide IP VPN doesn’t keep any such restrictions on your data. So you can play as much time as you want and meanwhile, you can also use this to download any new games that are released in other countries. Download this app now and start using it to the core for saving lots of money and time.

After having a complete look at these fabulous VPNs, you have to decide whether to go for complete secure payware or freeware that may compromise its security.

Five Best Alternatives for Windows Task Manager

Five Best Alternatives for Windows Task Manager

When it comes to task management, Windows OS has got you covered with Windows Task Manager. You can get rid of stubborn and stuck programs with the help of this genie instead of waiting for them to get responsive again which may take forever. Killing a stuck program with help of Windows Task Manager also beats the old “force restart” method which rather feels like holding a pillow over your PC’s face.

It can also be useful in other ways for example many people use it to monitor and diagnose performance issues and also to keep an eye on programs to see if there is any suspicious activity or whether a certain program is eating away too many of the PCs resources which are resulting in slowing it down.

So no doubt The Windows Task Manager is a very functional tool but unfortunately also a very basic one as it gets the job done on a necessary basis. It can monitor the tasks going on on your pc but can’t provide the kind of information needed to dig up small and underlying problems. Also when modern malware gets installed on your computer it attacks to damage, disable and corrupt your windows task manager so that it can have free reign on your pc. But to compensate for this gap in the market there are many other task managers which do the job much more thoroughly and despite that, they are still available for free. They have the ability and firepower to tackle modern and ever-changing malware.

All intent and purpose are to provide you with a bit more commanding position over the tasks and processes taking place in the background of your computer. They are also a tad bit more aggressive than the Windows Task Manager. Here are some of the most popular and useful ones discussed below.

Process Explorer

Sysinternals Process Explorer is probably the most common substitute for Windows Task Manager. The main reason for its popularity is the bucket loads of information that it gives you. The detailed information is color coded and presented neatly into columns which is a blessing because there are so many details that this task manager digs out for you that only a neat and tidy format of display can make things easier to read.
You can monitor pretty much everything like CPU, GPU, memory, network, and any activity you can name with the Process Explorer.

It is easy to use, if you want to terminate a program simply right-click it and then click on kill process or press the Del key. You can also suspend/resume and restart a process.

Double click any entry in the list to get a Properties to window open which is full of information about most aspects of what the process is doing with its open threads, security details, network connections, performance activity, etc.

Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor (YAPM)

YAPM has a Microsoft Office-like interface that just looks welcoming to people who use Microsoft Office a lot. It certainly is a very capable alternative to Windows Task Manager because it not only manages your computer’s tasks but also monitors and analyzes them. It also provides you with the ability of remote monitoring and shutdown features which gives you extended control over your computer and is really cool.

For task killing YAPM offers a few advanced sets of methods that can be optionally ticked using the kill task method option in the menu. These methods prove to be useful in getting rid of stubborn or locked processes. YAPM also offers the web search option through which you can search the relevance, functionality, and dependence of a process. YAPM along with all the other functions also offers a separate hidden process viewer; which can be accessed by clicking the green shield in the quick access toolbar.

Aside from all the main functions of a task manager YAPM provides you with a few other functions such as TCP/UDP network monitoring and a control tab. You can also create services with the help of the Windows Service Creator option which allows you to make a service from a local or remote executable file.

Free Extended Task Manager

Free Extended Task Manager is, as the name suggests, pretty much the same as Windows Task Manager but it comes with a few additional features such as the ports tab which shows you the open network connections on the system through which you can see what programs are accessing the network.
You are also given a performance tab which includes a disk activity meter so that you can see what processes are reading/writing on the run time. The summary tab will give you a merged result of the performance and applications tab to help you in gauging the system activity.

Furthermore, the process tab provides you with the ability to filter out system or current user processes and each task can be frozen, resumed, or ended individually. Another feature offered by the Free Extended Task Manager is the “show locked files” option which can display a list of files that have a lock on the process.

Free Extended Task Manager with all its qualities, unfortunately, does come with a flaw and that is the lack of updates, or rather the complete absence of one since 2008 which means that it can’t run on windows 7 or above. But like always there is a simple solution to this problem and that is to run the program in compatibility mode. Simply go to the properties of the program to choose the compatibility tab and in the “Run this program in compatibility mode” tab, select the appropriate version of OS.

Process Hacker

Process Hacker is somewhat similar to Process Explorer so if you are a Process Explorer lover but due for some reason can’t run it then this is the alternative for you. Process Hacker though has similar features to Process Explorer it brings a little bit more to the table.

The process list is color coordinated and in the service tab, there is advanced information available with the ability to stop, start and restart services. The network tab also uses colors to show opened and closed connections while the disk tab can tell you exactly what tasks are writing to or reading from the hard disk drive in real-time.

There is also a window dedicated to finding out which handles or DLLs are related to any process with the intent of closing any handles locking the file. Along with the ability to stop, start or suspend any process there are also advanced options present to find more about GDI handles and even the ability to introduce a DLL into the process or reduce its memory consumption to almost nothing. The miscellaneous context sub-menu has the terminator option too which is pretty good at killing tasks that are stubborn or stuck.


If you are not a fan of all those colorful and fancy layouts that Process hacker or Process explorer provide then DTaskManager is your way to go.

It has almost the same layout as the Windows Task Manager but in terms of functionality, it can offer so much more. The ability to select and kill multiple processes with the aid of shift or Ctrl-clicking makes it robust. When it comes to task and process termination in DTaskManager it isn’t just the question of killing it but in fact how you want to kill it. You have the ability to terminate a program in four different ways.

Firstly you can just End or Quit a process but if that doesn’t work and a process proves to be stubborn then you can force quit or even force quit while bypassing the process permissions and protections.

You can also suspend the tasks to temporarily free up the CPU, in addition to that you can also use the “Trim Ram usage” command which can come in handy while multitasking, as you don’t have to compromise between running out of time or running out of memory. You can also resume the suspended tasks once your PC is out of an emergency state.

Along with all the Applications, Processes, Network and Performance tabs, DTaskManager also offers the opened TCP/IP network ports tab, and the user/Kernel module tabs give you the opportunity to view the files being run inside the kernel space.

You also have the option to auto lower all the non-system processes to idle and an undocumented auto priority function in the Tools menu is also available.
The DTaskManager although being great, as one can tell by reading the details given above, comes with a problem of its own and that is the “error 5” popup on ‘some’ systems. Despite the update patch released in 2012  the annoying popup messages problem still persists on some PCs.

Download DTaskManager